Saturday, 20 March 2010

Here we go again........

Am starting the Apartment Therapy Cure this week....again.  I did this in Autumn with some good results, although I had to admit defeat by week 7.  This time I will last the course.

I'm not really focusing on one room, it's going to be a general organisation of the whole house.  Things don't run smoothly here when we're cluttered, which I suppose is much the case for everyone.

To find out more about the cure see here.

The picture above is the otherside of the playroom, the one with the map mural etc.  Posts about this room are here and here.  And these shelves, well they're just not working for us.  Endless rows of books the kids don't read (their faves are in their bedrooms), muddled up playmobil, photography equipment, craft supplies (that we can't reach), boardgames, puzzles (yes with missing pieces...why do I hang on to them?), toys outgrown or broken, paperwork that I forget to action.

So if nothing else...these shelves will be fabulous by the end of the cure.  To start with we'll be painting them white, and then I'll be seeking inspiration from all my favourite organising blogs to make this area function properly. 

Any tips or ideas please go ahead and share!


  1. I've signed up for Spring Cure, but I haven't been sending in pics this time because I'm still finishing my goals from the Fall Cure... and my Mom is coming to stay for Easter so I thought I'd be a bit too preoccupied to cure until that's all finished.

  2. Yes - I almost wish I hadn't posted the image above to the flickr pool - it has been selected in the 'show and tell' so now I feel I have to follow it through ;-)

    Good luck with the cure :-)



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