Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Stuffed tigers and polar bears

We have this museum in my town, an offshoot of the Natural History Museum and it is literally like stepping back in time.  I used to go there lots as a child myself, and now take my kids there frequently (I will admit they have probably been over-exposed because it's a free!).   

There are endless victorian glass and wooden cabinets with rows and rows and rows of stuffed animals, fish, reptiles.

We all took a walk there on Sunday and I got these pictures.  They are such familiar sights to me, the stuffed tiger and polar bear, the endless cabinets of butterflies and spiders...but as I was walking around I realised just how surreal it all is.

I'll let you into a secret...I know someone who works here and he admitted that they often have to put the tiger in the deep freeze to kill off the bugs!  Yikes. What a job!

Above all I love that my family are enjoying exactly the same attraction that I did as a child, completely unchanged.  And I am sure it will stay exactly the same for years to come..........

What do you think - fascinating or freaky?

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