Sunday, 28 March 2010


We went exploring today.  Back to the birdwatching place that it was just too cold for back in February.

Didn't get any birdwatching done, but lots of exploring.  This nature reserve is literally just around the corner from us, and we had yet to discover it.

We responded to this invitation.........

and found these...........(littlest one very excited and declared this was just like Indiana Jones)

............and these feathers and pinecones (kids were less impressed, but I thought it was all very Soulemama).  Perhaps my kids just don't get pinecones?

And the little window of the cabin was painted like this..........

And this was the view outside.....

And the most exciting discovery (yes even more exciting than the above) was this.........

I tried to convince the Queen of Clean to knock one of these up in the garden for us.

I think he may have said a bad word in response.

So no birds seen at all in this birdwatching reserve (forget to borrow binoculars for this visit), but still had much fun.   I am sure we will be back soon (if only for Queen of Clean to get a proper look at the construction of that willow hut).

And sorry....I am still 'tweaking'.  It's been a busy weekend, and I haven't had the chance to focus on it properly.  Still work in progress..........


  1. Fun things like this come before tweaking! I think it looks great as is.

  2. looks like you had quite an adventure! thanks for stopping by my blog recently :)



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