Monday, 1 March 2010

To dos

In my attempt to get more organised I must confess I had a small, but necessary stationery splurge.

I bought the notebook above for work (It's A4 so a decent size) and before the end of each day I write my To do's for the next day.  Well that's the idea.  Sometimes it all merges into one endless, never-ending stream of 'To dos'.

Somehow though those cheerful plump Russian Dolls make all of those troublesome To dos more achievable.  Even though they do look rather alarmed.

Also in my splurge was some Lotta Jansdotter stationery.  You know stationery so nice you can't use it?  Well this stuff falls into that category.


Just can't bear to use these post it notes - occasionally just get them out of my drawer at work to stroke....and try and impress my work colleagues.

                    And a lovely journal book like the one above - just look at the inside..........


So will these things help me in my quest for organisation?  Probably not....but it will have been fun trying.

Everything here available on Amazon. 

1 comment:

  1. I have a mild obsession with russian dolls!!!



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