Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Big plans

There are big plans underfoot for this little corner of my garden.

I am sure my wonky picture above confirms my intentions.  We are going to build raised beds this weekend for vegetables (everything to make Shepherds Pie with except the cow, according to the Queen of Clean).  So carrots, potatoes, onions.  And of course non-shepherd pie ingredients of lettuce, broccoli, radish......and am sure there will be many others.

We are a bit worried about this area getting enough light, but thought 'what the heck.....let's have a go'. If nothing else it will have been fun trying.

Eventually we will also have a shed here - at the moment we are storing kids bikes etc in the playhouse, making it very unhomely......which makes me very sad.

I'm getting lots of inspiration from this fantastic blog, My Tiny Plot.  Do have a look if you are into growing your own.

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