Monday, 3 September 2012

Beach Party

Still no bathroom pictures I hear you cry!  Really though, this is far more interesting.  Promise.

Yoyo was 9 on Saturday and I gave her a little beach party.  I'm not usually one for a 'theme', but with fabulous Pinterest as inspiration I couldn't help myself.  My wonderful friend Lizz helped me with everything (think she realised she had to step in when I confessed my usual strategy was to throw a pack of hula hoops in a bowl and shove some music on).

You can check out the inspiration (or should I call that Pinspiration) via my Pinterest link above.  Highlights were shark fin and beach cupcakes (crumbled digestive biscuits for the sand!), a cucumber 'killer whale', popcorn in buckets with spades instead of spoons and the piano turning into a buffet of sorts. 

Lizz designed a beach themed craft activity, making seaside inspired art out of chocolate.  Yum. 

We used milk chocolate, melted in the microwave and put onto a greaseproof square for each child.  Top tip - get the child to write their name on the paper first to avoid confusion later!  They then had a selection of goodies to decorate with, sand (digestive biscuit), sea/sky (granulated sugar and food colouring) and sugar paste shells/fish/seahorses (made by Lizz).

The finished creations were then put in the freezer for rest of the party so were solid enough to go home in an hour.

And the finished result.....

Well the parents seemed impressed at our creative efforts ;-)


  1. Fabulous idea! But then I would expect no less from the amazing Lizz. We are hosting an underwater themed party next week. But we have been preparing all summer...who do they take after? xx

  2. Thanks N - Lizz directed me to your blog for the piano buffet and labelled water bottles! I have much to learn ;-)

    Lizz is indeed fantastic...there were literally squeals of delight as we put the plan together!



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