Sunday, 4 October 2009

The stairs

I can't believe that we (obviously I'm using the royal 'we' term here) got the stairs painted this weekend.  They could do with another coat or two of paint but I am really pleased with the end result.

I was thinking about being all adventurous with some feature wallpaper on the risers, but probably on this occasion 'less is more'.

This is how we (sorry I mean he) did it.

First he filled all the gaps and sanded - this bit took the longest.

Then he painted using 'Diamond Hard' white floor paint which is really fast drying - took about 2 hours.  The two coats that went on today had to be timed carefully with the kids going to bed etc - funny that as soon as they realised they couldn't come down the stairs as the paint was wet they suddenly just *had* to.

The end result (again!)

I also wanted to show you these pictures below, this is how the tooth fairy gets into our house (apparently she doesn't mind the tradesman's entrance via our understairs cupboard).  This was a Christmas decoration that I thought deserved to be out all year round.

And lastly a picture of my cat Jasper - who was incredibly fed up that he, too, couldn't go upstairs whilst the paint was drying.

1 comment:

  1. The stairs look great. All the hard work you put in to make the stairs look this good, shows clearly :)
    Time to celebrate!



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