Monday, 12 October 2009

Designer doormat

I don't really have any 'designer' items due to the obvious budget constraints, but my best friend Harry bought this Orla Kiely doormat from Heales as a birthday present.

She got one for herself too.  I remember the night we ordered them online we were like giggly schoolgirls - a bit overwhelmed I think about forking out £30 (yes I know ridiculous) for a doormat.  There was debate over whether we would allow anyone to actually wipe their feet on them.

Anyhow mine is now by the back door (however I do confess in the early days of ownership I was known to move it to the front door if someone I wanted to impress was visiting - just tragic now I think about it!).

I love it and I'm happy for it to be the only 'designer' item in my house.

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