Sunday, 11 October 2009

Pumpkin adventure

This morning at the local 'pick your own' farm.  A date with the little ones - my eldest wasn't interested in our adventure to get pumpkins so he stayed home with Dad.  That's fine - I had probably knowingly mis-sold the term 'adventure'.  I did promise to pick him up a pumpkin though.

I thought these wheelbarrows at the farm waiting patiently under the tree looked sad somehow, they all seemed to be saying 'pick me'.

So there were lots to choose from, but we eventually managed it (the cold wind helped hasten the decision making process).

Here is my youngest - he insisted on bringing his Halloween cat which you can just see peeking out from the bottom of the wheelbarrow.  We also got some fresh corn on the cob at a bargain price.

And here is our final selection - I think the neighbours think I have lost the plot putting these out so early (it's not common here to have a pumpkin out until Halloween itself), but I'm happy to do my own thing. 

Honestly I am - I've had a Hannah Montana poster stuck on my front door for the past fortnight..........

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