Saturday, 17 October 2009

It's going to be a long day..


Wish me luck - I am taking my 10 year old to a 'Go Go' swap day.  He penciled it in on his calendar months ago and I was hoping he'd forget/lose interest/move onto some other fad before today came.

Not entirely sure what it all involves, except for the swapping of these tiny plastic characters that I always seem to be treading on.  Perhaps we can get some with smoother edges that don't impale themselves into the sole of my foot.

Image borrowed from Flickr from another GoGo 'enthusiast'.

On a separate note I am just desperate to get properly started on the Apartment Therapy cure.  This is an 8 week programme (kind of interior design rehab) to get your home organised and beautiful.  Am already beind and it's week 1!  I will update with my progress as the weeks go on.

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