Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Learning something new

My children all inspire me.

For my eldest it is a daily challenge to understand others and make himself understood.  Yet he does not get frustrated.

My daughter can find joy and hilarity in every situation.

And for my littlest one....he is *so* shy and has settled into nursery school with such bravery.  No tears or protests - just courage.

I need to learn these qualities from all of them.


  1. Your zoo looks familiar. Or may be it is the standard zoo fencing :)

    Glad I found your blog - off to click on shoe string style.

  2. Hi Kelly - this picture was actually taken at a Horse Sanctuary, not zoo sorry (!). Seriously would you want a lion behind those fences......? It was taken this summer whilst on a camping trip in Cotswolds.

    Thanks for visiting me - hope you find something you enjoy :)

  3. Ah, I know the horse sanctuary. That is very near us. We go there often. Lovely place.

  4. This post has me in tears. I have worked with quite a few children with speech delay and one of the children had some significant challenges too. I think your son is very very brave and is very special indeed. Do you mind if I ask if he gets speech therapy?

  5. Hi FT - My eldest has a severe language disorder. He has a statement of special needs and goes to the most fantastic language unit in a town 10 miles away where there is a full time speech therapist.

    My goodness it has been a long journey, but an amazing one when I think how far he has come. He is a truly wonderful son and we are blessed that he is in our lives.

    I guess I don't really blog about this that much because this space isn't the place for me to do that really. Does that make sense? Not that I mind any questions at all :)



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