Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The conker 'issue' and tree inspiration

To note the change in season I wanted to post some tree images that have been inspiring me.....

These two wall decals made from vintage wallpaper and are by Inke, available at Supernice.  The price hurts somewhat though - so I'm thinking with a little planning I could try and recreate this myself.

This fantastic bookcase via Ohdeedoh.  Unfortunately it is a one off I think, but again with a little perseverence....(and some green paint?)

This lovely print from a favourite Etsy seller who I've mentioned here before Caramtaback - she is a Norwegian artist who draws on vintage pages - I just love how you can see the print through the image.

And finally, onto the conkers.  My Dad collected these for my youngest son last week on a walk back from the station.  My son calls them his 'coconuts' (he is 3 after all).  So now my boy has lost interest a little (sorry Dad!), I have taken to displaying them in a basket.  I don't know why I like them, I just *do*.  They won't be around for ever, so for the moment I want them in this basket in the living room.

I, (aka the Queen of Clean) feels differently.  He thinks I don't notice but every evening for the past week he has moved them into the playroom.  And so every morning I move them back (even those mornings when I can't find my hair straighteners and need to get 3 children ready for school, yes even those).  A silent battle if you will - a genuine conker 'issue'.  Let's hope we resolve it soon.

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