Saturday, 3 October 2009


'I've got an idea' is a common phrase around these parts. Sometimes if it's exclaimed by my children, I'll be honest, I feel a sense of panic about what they may be about to announce. Usually it involves a long list of items to gather, a trip out, a lot of thinking and *a lot* of participation.

But today, a Saturday with nothing planned I woke up and thought that we should all have the chance to follow through on our ideas.

Yoyo (I assure you this is not her real name) had an idea to make this delightful sock puppet.

Then she had another idea (is there no stopping my daughter?)to make pizza - I cheated with a ready packet mix. Come on, I'm not superwoman.

I had an idea to colour co-ordinate the children's books. My husband, I , thinks I have lost the plot.
My youngest had an idea to decorate my bedroom walls with his sister's fairy stickers. Shame he didn't share it with me first...I think this is one idea we wouldn't have followed through with.

I now have an idea that I will spend the rest of the evening on the sofa with a bottle of wine.

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