Sunday, 11 October 2009

Corner of my kitchen

So last night the Queen of Clean taught me how to use the SLR.  There was some muttering about apertures, shutter speeds and ambient light - but I took *none* of it in.

But I did take the pictures above.

I wanted to show you this corner of my kitchen.  It's a little breakfast nook, but we don't actually really eat there.  The Queen of Clean uses it to work on his laptop mainly, and I use it when unloading the shopping.

We set up the little 'inspiration' wire on the advice of the Creative Family book.  It's a place for us to store kids pictures, tearouts from magazines, paint samples etc that we like.  It also attracts the usual school newsletters but I try hard to keep them off there.  The wire itself is a curtain hanging system from Ikea - just a few pounds.

The fruit bowl/cake stand I have already bored you with here.

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