Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Three beautiful things

1.  The joy and enthusiasm over a 60p packet of chalk from this little fellow.

2.  This little nook at the front of our living room by the window.  I have moved the trunk there and it has become an impromptu reading corner.  Not that a whole lot of reading goes on here amongst the daily bedlam - but when it does, this is often where it happens.

3. This picture that my Mum painted me.  She thinks because I move it around and it has no permanent home I don't cherish it.....but I really do.


  1. When I still lived in the UK I had a old pine blanket box EXACTLY like that one.. just gorgeous... I loved it.
    It would be here with me now but someone offered me a rediculous amount of money to sell it just before I left.. I mean like 400 quid or something. The sale of my flat took 17 weeks to complete so I needed the money.. wish I'd kept it though :o(
    Jo xx
    and I love that little chair..

  2. What a beautiful list! I love the reading corner.

  3. Thanks both.

    Jo I can't remember exactly how much I paid for the trunk - think it was about £250 from a junk shop. One of the hinges on it is hugely damaged though and has been repaired badly by a previous owner...which must affect the value.

  4. I don't think for a second mine was ever worth that sort of money.. The woman who bought it just HAD to heve it.
    And whatever you paid it's a beautiful thing..
    and broken hinge or not I'm very jealous. ;o)
    Jo xx



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