Sunday, 28 November 2010

Three beautiful things

1. Building this today with Yoyo.  It is supposed to be an Advent Calendar........perhaps we were supposed to make one house a day.  But we are both impulsive and did the whole lot at once.  We like to break the rules around here.   There was much discussion over our favourite house - mine is the cake shop shown above.

2.  I have finally painted the Barley Twist table I got free from the local tip.  Two undercoats of satinwood - still needs a top coat, but I'm too impatient to wait.  In situ next to the fireplace it goes.  A mental tick off the endless to do list.

3.  The surprise DIY The Queen of Clean did whilst I was out yesterday in this coat/shoe cupboard.  I cannot wait to show you (but vanity wants me to give it all a lick of paint in there first).  It made me literally squeal with excitement when I saw it.

I love being married to an engineer - they have this inbuilt need to fix things and problem solve.


  1. I would love the cake shop too! Your house looks so beautiful can I just come and sit for a while?

  2. Natasha of course you may!

    Although in reality (as you probably well know) it doesn't look like this at all. There was a sea of lego that I swept out of the way first before taking this pic.

  3. Hi Anna..
    I love the advent 'model'.. gorgeous. Maybe the idea is to put a tiny treat in each house and open one each day ??
    The table looks wonderful.. and all the better for being free. I so miss 'satinwood', they don't really have a paint that's anything like it here. Oh and I love that tan club chair.
    As far as No3 goes you're just a rotten tease, and that's all I'm going to say !!
    Jo xx

  4. Good job you didn't marry a chemist whose MO is never finishing anything. Our hall and staircase? Still in process 12 months on!!

  5. Beautiful! I can imagine little snowflakes falling on the advent model :)

  6. So beautiful as always. Where is the little town from?

  7. Thanks all for your comments - S&W the little village is from Phoenix cards.



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