Monday, 8 November 2010

Temptation (and an exercise in virtual shopping)

I found a lovely new website over the weekend whilst starting my christmas shopping.  In my new found state of minamilism I shall not be buying any of the following items, but in case you're reluctant to join me on my 'not buying it' journey.........have a look at these lovelies below.

All from Mit Hus (UK site but looks like they ship internationally).

Simple wire tree decorations - love anything like fact dare I suggest you could probably recreate these yourself.

Heart Garland - this may be more of a stretching DIY challenge, but only £5 so perhaps easier to just buy!


Not Christmasy, but Autumnal and a bit different.  I really liked this.  Hold on, is there a theme here? - again with patience (and without 3 kids and a full time job) this could be a DIY.

These just make me happy.  Because although they are china, they look like they're in love.  Perhaps her more than him, but never the less in love.  In fact I could really easily buy these......but I shan't.
Finally, I have looked for one of these for ages.  Just ages.  But now I've found it I'm not sure what I needed it for.  I think the joy is in the thrill of the chase rather than actually owning.  So I'll leave it there.

Blimey - I'm enjoying this virtual shopping malarkey.  Apologies if I've encouraged anyone to click....I'm deliberately not creating URLs to the items as a token minamilist gesture.  So if you really want the items you're going to have to search!


  1. Good girl.. ;o)
    Jo xx
    Although just for badness that wire basket would look great full of nice crisp Granny Smiths... don'tcha think ?

  2. Gosh, I'm impressed with your resolve to resist. One question, though. Why, when we're meant to be shopping for gifts for other people, do we always see stuff we want for ourselves?

  3. Jo - I shall not cave in under such pressure ;-) (and I happen to prefer Royal Galas!)

    LTC - I know what you mean about needing something for yourself. Think it must be some psychological phenomenon defined somewhere....perhaps as it is inevitable human nature I should just go with it?!!?

  4. Good on you! Especially at Mit Hus...I love that palce!



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