Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chalkboard......following the crowd

We jumped on the chalkboard bandwagon this weekend, I'd seen this lovely image on Soulemama's blog and it set me off.  And as the Queen of Clean will tell you, when I have an idea in my head that we could do a quick fix like this...........well it usually has to happen.

So we painted an entire wall in littlest one's room (shown above), and the chimmney breast on Yoyo's room with blackboard paint.  Eldest one is undecided if he wants to follow suit........he's never been one to follow the crowd.  

Littlest one does have his trousers on back to front in the picture above....I did try to convince him throughout the day that he may be more comfortable if he put them on again right way round, but he was having none of it.  He is obviously not as susceptible to my influencing skills as my poor husband.


Top tips if you are thinking of painting a chalkboard wall:-

  • You do only need one coat of this stuff, it is like thick treacle.  So time wise it is fairly quick to do.
  • Use an old brush.  I didn't and the brushes were a pain to clean.  Even now all of our white skirting board is coming out with flecks of grey.  
  • Cover your carpets/floors.  Sounds obvious, but usually a speck of paint isn't too much of an this case it is a nightmare, and 100 x worse if you try to rub in the splodge.
  • I can't find the brand we used online, I picked it up from our local hardware shop.  A quick online search shows most brands are around £7-8 per pot which is really reasonable.


  1. This is too spooky because I'm going out tomorrow to buy blackboard paint. The tips are really handy too.. thanks Anna, because I'm a bit of a slopper and I'd have made a terrible mess.
    I'm going to put metal paint underneath mine, so it will hold magnets too.
    Too cute a story about your little one's trousers. But comforting to know that when your husband puts his on back to front you are able to convince him to turn them round. ;o)
    Jo xx

  2. Hi Jo - Hope it all goes smoothly for you, and you floor doesn't suffer the same casualties as mine!

    Like the magnetic paint idea too - very clever.

  3. Well I'm going to put the blackboard on the inside of the door to my cupboard under the stairs. There's only a crappy bit of old vinyl in there, which I plan to change.. so I figured I'd leave it there until after I've painted.
    Did you manage to clean your floor up OK in the end ?
    Jo xx

  4. Sounds like a good plan Jo :)

    My daughter's carpet was really badly splodged!
    We tried white spirit, but no luck. Our plan next year is to replace the carpets upstairs so trying to turn a blind eye. We have some rugs we move around upstairs precisely for these sorts of disasters!



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