Monday, 4 October 2010

Varde love

I'm impatient - I couldn't wait to take this picture even though there wasn't quite enough light.  So here it is, my Ikea Varde shelf.

And hand on heart I didn't buy one new thing to put on it.  I am lusting after a vintage red enamel coffee pot on ebay though.

Needs a bit of a rejig......put the old 'less is more' mantra into practice.

But for the moment, it's good enough.

Do you like?  More pics of kitchen will follow once finished.


  1. Your shelf looks lovely, every bit as nice as any of the others you showed in your earlier post. Isn't it nice to put the lovely things you own out on display where you can enjoy them instead of being hidden away in a cupboard somewhere.

  2. I had one of those red enamel coffee pots back in the '80's when red and white kitchens were all the rage. It wasn't vintage though.. it was from Habitat.
    I love the white cake plate on the top right hand shelf btw. Is that vintage too ??
    Funny thing... I have JUST bought the
    art myself at Winners.. which is like TK Maxx.
    It's bigger than yours and hasn't got the frame.. but it's the exact same bright red colour.
    I have no idea where to put it.. but I just loved it on sight.
    I first saw it on Benita Larssons site but it never occurred to me that I would find one.
    Jo xx

  3. I meant cake stand btw.. not cake plate. Daft !
    Jo x

  4. Hi Jo - Cake stand is a couple of years old from Laura Ashley. It is cream enamel with a little pale blue trim around the edge and cut out butterflies. It was a housewarming present from my best friend (who knows my taste very well!).

    I did use it a s fruit bowl, but now it has pride of place on the shelf it is back to being a cake stand.

  5. Oh, it could be from here
    Guess its due to the color combination.
    I used to own a Varde as well (although mine was a bit messier).
    That hearty box is my personal favorite!

  6. Ooh, looks really nice Anna! I've looked through so many paint samples lately my eyes are all bleary eyed, but now I'm considering adding one more!

  7. Frau Meyer - thanks for link....great minds think alike and all that ;-) The heart box is a recipe card holder (and another gift from my best friend)

    Carin - thanks for your comments. Go ahead add another colour into the mix. Although I must admit I have a wierd attitude to paint colour and chose just one tester pot and then if I like it go for it. Can't make a decision from a hurts my brain too much!

  8. Hmm yes, believe me, it hurt my brain too...and my wallet!

  9. That looks lovely. And up so quick!

  10. Thanks for all your comments on this - have had a minor rejig upon discovery of red and white polka dot tray I'd forgotten about.

    May photograph again properly at weekend when I have proper light.

  11. Meant to leave a comment before just to say how utterly gorgeous this looks!



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