Saturday, 3 April 2010


Happy Easter, however you will celebrate.....

We are off to Grandparents today for a meal and an Easter Egg Hunt.  There is much excitement here today both about the egg hunt and of course the new Dr Who series starting tonight.

The pics above are of my little Easter Egg tree - just a twig from the garden (admittedly a bit short for the vase!) with some crackle glazed wooden eggs on.  The twig was so small I needed to find another home for some surplus eggs so the sash window lock seemed like a good place.

The Easter flowers were a perk from work - last one to leave the office got the reception floral display on Thursday. Isn't the little wooden duck cute?

And, well rain seems to have stopped play on our raised bed plans I shared below, so we will turn our attention inside and start the mammoth task of painting these shelves. 


  1. Have a lovely time! I love the tree! Somewhere I have my very own Easter tree, somewhere! lol

  2. Lovely tree and hope lots of treats were collected during the Easter egg hunt . We don't usually bother with Easter decorations but this year a wooden rabbit has appeared on the mantlepiece.

  3. Snap! I posted a similar Easter tree. Lovely pics. Glad you had fun.



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