Thursday, 8 April 2010

Green (or perhaps Pink) Fingers

We planted these Ranunculus bulbs today - I soaked them in water overnight beforehand and they swelled up like this.  Yoyo refused to handle unless she wore gloves....nobody else would touch them.  The boys thought they looked like Dalek Sec's head (if you're not a Dr Who fan sorry if the reference confuses, but have a google, the boys are actually spot on).

So in theory at some point this summer these horrible little things will turn into these beauties.......

I shall wait with bated breath.

On another garden note - I saw a great new programme tonight, The Edible Garden.  Well worth catching on BBC iplayer if you didn't see it.  There is a book accompanying the series that looks interesting too The Edible Garden: How to Have Your Garden and Eat It (note heavy hint to any of my family who read this and are stuck for birthday ideas ;-)!)

The programme is also giving away five free packets of seeds for anyone signing up via this link (mixed salad, courgette, basil, french beans, carrot). 


  1. I watched the programme, too, and was inspired to sign up for the free seeds. Time will tell whether I do anything with them!

  2. So pretty. And lovely photos as always :)



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