Saturday, 7 November 2009

Getting my fix

I've always had a magazine habit (and a diet coke one, but this isn't the place to explore that).

Even with all the images and blogs and inspiration available online, for me there is just nothing nicer than relaxing in the bath with a nice interiors magazine (with a diet coke).  Or for having a flick through whilst your 3 year old is insisting you watch a film with him you have already seen numerous can very easily multi-task watching 'Monsters Inc' with absorbing all the loveliness in Living etc.

So with the move to bigger house last year, and the resulting impact on our household budget, I had narrowed down my magazine consumption to just one a month.  I chose Ideal Home as it felt like it always had something relevant and achieveable in there to me.  But I have missed the aspirational images of Living etc.

So this week I treated myself with my Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to 2 more magazine subscriptions.  I reasoned that they had cost me nothing, although I must have spent a fortune on food to earn £36 worth of vouchers.

I subscribed to Elle Decor and Living Etc.  I was feeling generous so even treated the Queen of Clean to a Mountain Bike Rider magazine subscription with the remaining vouchers.  3 annual subscriptions for £36 in clubcard vouchers - a thrifty find for me.


  1. I love my mags too. Especially home inspiration. My favourite it Country Living.

  2. yes I confess that homes magazines are my weakness as well, but at around £3.50 each I could spend a small fourtune.

  3. Cowgirl do you know I've not read Country Living before? Might give it a go although I am worried that I may start yet another magazine love affair.

    This Home Sweet Home glad its not just me with this weakness.....I keep thinking the internet should be 'enough' for me now.



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