Sunday, 1 November 2009

Apartment Therapy Cure Week 3

This week I was supposed to focus on 'The Landing Strip' i.e the hall/entry way and ensuring everything is running as efficiently as possible.

Now I have mentioned before about our 'Command Central' so feel this side of things is working quite well.

I did however this past week clear out the little coat cupboard in our hall and move all of the redundant shoes etc out.  Now brace yourself - I am going to show you a 'before' picture.  I am really embarrassed of this.  Please remember my usual excuses when viewing:-
  • I work full time
  • I have 3 children
  • I am naturally super disorganised (it is my husband 'The Queen of Clean' that is the ordered one).
Okay?  Taken that on board?  I'll let you have a look. 

That was bad wasn't it?  And onto the improved version.

Now I appreciate that this is not a 'fall off your chair' transformation.  But it is working for us.  We still need to carry the wooden floor through to this cupboard so the floor you see is grimy floor tiles and the new polysterene underlay from the wooden floor.  Much of our home is still work in progress.

Another move I made to stop so much junk mail arriving for us is registering with this site:-  This is a free service which removes you from direct marketing address lists.  I used them before in my old house and they were fantastic.  It takes a couple of months to kick in but after that you will no longer get the endless catalogues, invites etc.  If you are interested do read it all carefully - you will also be taken off existing databases so you may need to re-register with companies you do want to continue to have a relationship with (in my case Boden!)

We also this week:-
  • had our windows cleaned for the first time ever (felt very decadent).  We have been homeowners for 11 years and have always managed to do this ourselves, but we are struggling with old sash windows now which we can't clean from the inside.  We were charged £12 for 13 windows (less than £1 per window!) so that felt okay.
  • put up a new cloak room ceiling to replace our one which had a huge hole in from a leak in the bathroom (this was unknown to us until we moved in - top tip do look at ceilings when viewing properties)
  • raked up about a million leaves from the garden
  • made some adjustments to our understairs cupboard so we can now fit the ironing board in there.  I would take a picture but it really is just too boring!  Perhaps once I've painted it white and it all looks beautiful.
So it has been a frantically busy time but with not much to show for it.  So I'll leave you with these to compensate.  Our halloween pumpkins :)


  1. Good for you getting that all cleaned up. I'm jealous.

  2. That is a fantastic effort. Very impressed! Good pumpkins too. :)



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