Sunday, 22 November 2009

Garage - The After


The garage has been rather a labour of love this weekend.  Our thinking was that once it is sorted, everything else inside the house will run smoother.  We can store things more efficiently, get going on DIY and gardening projects and save money by buying in bulk.

The whole exercise was prompted by The Queen of Clean getting some free industrial shelving and plastic boxes from the warehouse at his work.  So this transformation involved:-
  • taking a people carrier sized boot of rubbish to the local household recycling site
  • fixing the industrial shelving securely to the wall so there was no danger of it collapsing on us!
  • moving stuff we don't often use up into the rafters
  • rejigging things so the tool chest is on the workbench at the back of the garage
  • lots of sorting out wires, tools, equipment and general garage 'stuff'
I'm sure it's fairly obvious that my part in this was limited - I was more of a teamaker and general cheerleader.

I love this little area at the end of the industrial shelf.  He left a gap in the chipboard shelf so there is a little nook for our garden tools.  No risk of them falling out on you.

 This metal shelf at the end we are using for biking equipment, shoes and helmets.  It is actually a Habitat kitchen shelf that we had 2 houses ago.  How I loved that shelf! (I threaded it with fairy lights one Christmas and left it like that all year).  Sadly it hasn't fitted into any of our kitchens since, but now it again has a purpose.

So whilst all of this was going on outside......I was doing lots of this with the kids inside.

I hope those of you on the Apartment Therapy Cure journey are still sticking with it!  Let me know how you are getting on?


  1. Yea! Very impressive. Drop Queen of Clean over to mine next weekend and he can do ours. Or even better I might show my husband what others husbands are doing and just make him jealous enough to have a go at ours.

  2. Cowgirl - I have often thought I could earn my fortune hiring out the Queen of Clean!

    Hope you still have momentum in your Cure.....



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