Sunday, 26 September 2010

Slowly but surely

Progress on our home, most of the time, moves at a snail's pace.  A reluctant snail who is embarrassed to ask for directions.  But now and again, some event will spur us into action.

This weekend we got news that our plumber can squeeze us in this week for our boiler to be replaced.  This is something we've been discussing for a while, and debating whether the new boiler can fit in the existing  purpose built cupboard.  Well our plumber confirmed that this cupboard doesn't meet the right conditions for clearance, access etc and we had to remove it this weekend - along with three wall cupboards.  I'm trying to keep positive about the loss of cupboards and adopt a minimalist mindset.  After all 'Less is More'.

The Queen of Clean, sensing my distress, decided to come to the rescue with his paintbrush.  This duck egg blue (very Cath K) is now on my kitchen walls.  It makes up for the fact I am to have no hot water for 3 days this week.

And to replace the 3 cupboards we have lost, my lovely sister picked one of these up for me today.

Just £25!  Very shoestring I think.  I have been getting styling ideas from the following on flickr, see below:-

Photo by Marie's Shots
Photo by Joyful Lova

I cannot wait to dress mine.....although this is a long way off as need to get boiler in, painting finished and finally shelves up.  I'm not one for a colour theme usually, but I'm thinking cream and blue items on the shelves with splashes of red.  Just need to keep my minimalist head on and not go and buy stuff just to put on the shelves!  I wouldn't put it past me........


  1. Oh that colour is lovely- you've got to show some after pics when it's all done. Sorry for the loss of hot water though. We had to change our boiler about 4 years ago after the old one got condemned (10 days before our first child was due- I was not a happy bunny) and being without hot water is a pain. Hope you've got nice neighbours- ours were life savers!

  2. Thanks Carin - pleased to report hot water is now back. What a relief!

  3. Loving that duck egg blue colour.. funnily enough I have just looked at your finished Varde shelf post and I was going to ask you what colour the walls were... they look great.
    I can't quite see the side of the tin.. is it Dulux ? and is the colour actually called 'Duck Egg Blue' ?
    They don't have Dulux paint over here [I'm in Canada these days], but they will match a colour for you if you can tell them the name and brand... and I've been looking for something like that for my dining room for ages.
    Jo xx

  4. Hi Jo - It is Velvet Touch 4 by Dulux, which actually is same colour as Fired Earth Duck Egg Blue. Not sure if you get that in Canada?

    I bought the Fired Earth tester pot, and that is how we chose, but my husband refuses to paint with anything other than Dulux so I had to get it colour matched myself!

  5. Thanks Anna..
    Ok.. so the colour is actually Fired Earth Duck Egg Blue, and you got it mixed into a Dulux paint... terrific.
    I have to say one of the few things I really really miss is Dulux paint... Paint here is so thin and runny.
    I think Fired Earth [like Farrow & Ball] is probably available at some of the specialist retailers in the big urban centres like Totonto and Vancouver... or maybe Victoria. But I live in a fairly small town and I know that no one here will have it.
    Whereabouts are you btw..? I originally come from Brighton.. but at one time or another I've lived or worked all over the South of England.
    Jo xx

  6. Good luck with your paint hunt Jo! I agree there is nothing like Dulux paint, we have had such bad experiences with other stuff.

    We are from a small town in the South East, in Hertfordshire called Tring. Both my husband and I grew up in a nearby town and I love having our families so close. Its about 30 mins from London on the train, but surrounded by countryside. The best of both worlds :)

    I adore Brighton - what a great place to grow up!

  7. Oh I know Tring.. I've got good friends in Hemel and St Albans.. lovely part of the world, the home counties.
    Although I was born and bred in Brighton my parents moved the family to Worthing when I was a kid.. I was miffed at the time, but later.. like you I could see it was the best of both worlds. Closer to the country and a more sedate pace of life, but with Brighton or Southampton, or Town for that matter, just a car ride or an 'awayday' away.
    I will say Alforno's lasagne is one of the few things I really miss about home.
    Next time you go to Brighton.. Al Forno's is on the edge of 'The Lanes' on East Street, on the little square opposite Hobbs... and if you like Italian food, you will think you've died and gone to heaven. ;o)
    Jo xx



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