Sunday, 19 September 2010

Family Tree

There was much excitement here yesterday.  We managed to impulse buy a tree!   This was something The Queen of Clean had been muttering about for a year, but we had other more pressing things in the house and garden to attend to.

Well yesterday whilst wandering around our local garden centre we saw this, and how could we resist that lovely orangey/pink foliage?  It is a Chinese Paperbark Maple, and slow growing so we could plant quite near to the house.

We had a little team of volunteers to help plant it (Yoyo's 3 friends who live in our road), and now littlest one has taken on the task of watering it every day.  A task he is most proud of.

Any tree planting I've witnessed has always been done to mark an occasion or in memory of someone.  So The Queen of Clean and I racked our brains for something or someone the tree could be planted for.  We were at a loss for someone the children could relate to - even Michael Jackson was suggested at one point.  

Needless to say we didn't go ahead with that suggestion.

But then it came to me, this tree is our Family Tree.  We plan to be here for a long long time and this tree will mark the time our family called this house and garden our home.

Fingers crossed it makes it - the planting hole was a bit suspect, but now I've attached such significance to it being okay I'm getting a little anxious!


  1. Oh how lovely! There is an oak tree in my parents' garden which we planted as an acorn when I was little - it's been lovely to follow its progress and grow up alongside it. I'm sure this tree will be the same for your family!

  2. Thanks Kate - wow I didn't realise you could actually grow a tree from an acorn (bit blonde of me I know!!). I do hope our tree makes it :)

  3. What a wonderful idea! It's such a nice shaped tree too!

  4. What a great idea! We don't have any family trees, but I did help pick out some of the ones planted at my parents' house and it's pretty cool to see them getting larger every year.

  5. Linsey - I have no idea how to keep the shape nice as it grows - think I need to do some research!

    Michelle - glad you approve of the idea :) - I haven't really witnessed any baby trees growing so I'm interested how this matures year on year.

  6. I love how you impulse bought a tree. I'm sure it will put down strong roots and provide lots of shelter - just like your family xx



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