Sunday, 10 July 2011

Note to my children....

I was pondering today if you would remember this door on the under stairs cupboard when you are grown up.

The excitement of finding a pencil and a hard backed book to take that all important measure.

Each of you trying to be 'first' and jostling one another in the cramped space.

Your Dad usually acting as official 'measurer' and turning it into a ceremony of sorts.

The gasps and grins on your faces when we discover how much you've grown.

Because my lovelies, even on those most chaotic school run mornings when I have to run back into the house for your book bags and reach into this cupboard.....the site of your scrawled names there makes me smile.

I can feel your pride through those little pencil markings.


  1. Sure they'll remember. My two big people haven't forgotten similar recording in the corner of our bedroom. It's been painted over but I wish I'd taken a picture first, like you have.

  2. You're making fill up! I'm off to hug mine now! xx



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