Friday, 8 April 2011

Worth the wait

I don't think I shared with you that the hard drive on our PC broke about 6 weeks ago.  It was concerning how much we all missed it....nobody seemed to come into the playroom where the computer lives, except Littlest one on the hunt for lost bits of Lego.  This little room lost its identity entirely.

The Queen of Clean had wanted a Mac for ages, and we had introduced a new scheme at work where I could purchase apple products through salary sacrifice.  We kind of talked each other into it.  I'll be honest, it was the lack of wires that excited me - minimalist chic and all that.

So this is what we had before, a rather boring 10 year old Ikea desk, with an annoying drawer that was permanently getting stuck or coming off its sliders.  About 5 years ago I stopped opening it as it seemed an impossible task to get it closed again.

The Queen of Clean had liberated (all completely legal and above board) a piece of beech left over from a project at work, and it had been stuck in our garage for 6 months or so.  It was just too nice to be thrown into a skip (it's original fate)....and I knew he had serious plans for it.

He took the legs from the old desk and cut the beech block to fit.  And we got rid of the drawer and made the frame a little smaller.  The gap where the drawer was he replaced with a wooden strut.

Here is the painting stage.  White legs naturally, after a little debate with The Queen of Clean.   Ignore the's on the 'to do' list.

We thought perhaps we should use danish oil on the top, but only had some garden bench teak oil from a few years the spirit of thriftiness we used that to coat the top.  We (royal we as I didn't like the smell of this at all) put probably 6 coats on altogether spread out over several evenings.

Are you still with me.  Thanks,  I know this is a bit of a long old post.

Well we waited, and waited for the Mac to arrive........ patiently at times and then at other times went into the empty room and gave a dramatic sigh.  Well I did anyway.

Until we really were quite bored of waiting.........

and arrived on Monday.

I don't know how to use it,  none of us do,  we spent most of Monday night working out how to shut it down.  But we've found a little photo booth application and taken about a zillion stupid pictures of us all.

That's enough for now.

Oh, and we've worked out how to shut it down.

Simple when you know how really.


  1. I love your red chair!

    And I must say, the lack of cords and cables would get me too!

  2. It does look swish - hope you get to grips with it soon. :)

  3. Oh I'm very jealous, can you send your 'man who does' round to my house I've a catalogue of to-do lists and my man doesn't!

  4. Natasha - I'll loan him out in exchange for cake. A modern day barter of sorts?

  5. That is fabulous! The stain is gorgeous, well worth the 6 coats and the (hopefully temporary) smell. Congratulations! So well done!



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