Friday, 25 March 2011

Orla Kiely at Tescos

Look what I just found at Tesco.  Completely off my radar that these bags were on the horizon!  My little budget doesn't usually stretch to Orla proportions, but for £4 I snapped it up in an instant (and even treated my Orla obsessed best friend to one). 

Dare I say they are nicer than the Cath K ones from a couple of years ago, as they are Jute rather than that plasticy feeling fabric.  I tried to press the assistant for more info, but she was clearly not an Orla fan and oblivious to the treasure at her fingertips.  I imagine like the Cath Kidston bags they will be released over a period of several months....making my nearly daily trips to Tesco just a little more exciting.


  1. oo i love it.. think i'll be doing our weekly shop at tescos instead of asda for the next few months!!

  2. Champagne dreams on a ginger beer budget, I love it! That is so cute, tell your mom, I say so. :)

    I also adore your header at the top. What is it theme? Anyway, even though I can't think of what it's called, I love it.

  3. Thanks both. Charl - I hope you have tracked a bag down!

    Megan - thanks for stopping by! the blog theme I think is called Simple, not sure where I'd check being my untechnical self. The header is a photo I took myself in our Playroom with Sergeo Script Font writing over the top. I've had that same header for ages, but feel quite attached now and don't see me changing any time soon.

  4. They're lovely aren't they? I even have one (accidently) in my blog header. Haha!



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