Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More order amongst chaos

Meal planning - well I've just never 'got it'.  Until I found the free printable pdf above available here.

Of course, this is my first week so still in the honeymoon period.  And loving the clipboard my husband has made me (even spray painted the bulldog clip white).  Do note this is my real life menu plan so no pretending on there - that is the full horror of our diet this week, pizza, burgers, spag bol et al.  Should probably have done a blog version to impress, but I just wanted to show off the clipboard.

Can you tell we're on annual leave and have too much time on our hands?!??

Just off to polish the cat..........


  1. It's a great idea. I did a month's meal planning a while ago when a) we were getting sick of the same old recipes and b) we needed to reduce our appallingly large shopping budget and food waste. Did it work? Yes, initially, but guess what? We've drifted back to how we were. Last night we went food shopping, came home and said "But what's for dinner?".

  2. I love menu keeps my grocery budget in check.

    Laura :-)

  3. Love those cupcakes - yes..........I admit we are already drifting 2nd week in!

    Laura - yes it has had that effect, I popped out for cake making ingredients last night that I hadn't planned for, and a couple more impulse purchases and spent £37! Wish I had had the foresight to add that stuff onto the planner.



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